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crop black man praying at home

Moriah {How Abraham worshiped}

He was old when the promise came, and it pierced through a lifetime of hope deferred. It was an unreasonable promise, laughable at best. (Both

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green pine trees covered with fogs under white sky during daytime

The day Death died

I walked reverently between gravestones, mindful that the soil under my feet was rich with history. My eyes scanned epitaphs while my heart filled in

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person holding smartphone riding airplane

An airplane and a cave

It was the last place on earth I wanted to be. I’d always loved flying, but this airplane, with all my worldly belongings crammed into

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wide angle photo of road

Life comes in seasons

If we could sit on a sunny patio and chat leisurely over iced coffees tomorrow, I’d want to ask you, “What’s the best part and

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Henry’s story

  It was the year Winston Churchill became British minister, Albert Einstein unveiled his theory of relativity, and Babe Ruth made homerun history. And while

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shallow focus photography of string lights

When the holidays are hard

I was 31 and it was Christmas Eve when we had The Talk. Everyone thought we were the perfect match. So even though I put on a

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