written by colleen

In The Hands of a Fiercely Tender God

released October 2022

Is it possible to face the darkest days of life with hope and joy and purpose?  

The life of Colleen Chao was bright and beautiful—it was brimming with hope and possibility. She was a talented, confident, and ambitious young woman. So, Colleen never imagined that she’d swim through two decades of deep-water anxiety and depression. She didn’t guess that she’d marry late, suffer years of chronic pain and illness, and give birth to a child with health complications. And never in her life did she imagine hearing the words: “Cancer. Stage four. Terminal.”  

In the Hands of a Fiercely Tender God is born of the suffering that on its own could have crushed Colleen. Her pain, instead, opened her eyes to eternal realities and has wrought a soul of indestructible joy. How do we suffer long and well? What do we do when we feel cheated? How do we face pressing darkness? One thing Colleen has learned is that we cannot bear the suffering alone. We need lots of help. To that end, Colleen shares a precious devotional gift with the suffering soul: thirty-one days of wisdom, hope, and encouragement. Drawing upon stories from past saints, rich truths from Scripture, and habits that build joyful endurance, Colleen helps fellow sufferers to embrace one day at a time, to trust and love Jesus more, and put themselves In the Hands of a Fiercely Tender God.

Out of the Shadow World

Coming early 2023

Ten-year-old Pax Jackson has cancer—and a mysterious man in a magical realm might be able to cure him. Guided by a bumbling bellbird, three nymphs, and a wooden-legged Hobblechaun, Pax and his best friend Jayni set out in search of the mysterious healer—only to find themselves in the midst of a dangerous adventure. Can the children face their worst fears and the lurking evil that threatens to destroy them?  As they risk their very lives for a cure, the children can’t shake one haunting question: What if Pax doesn’t get healed?

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