Poem for my wedding day

Colleen Elisabeth Chao is an editor and author. She enjoys dark-dark chocolate, side-splitting laughter, and half-read books piled bedside. She makes her home near Boise, Idaho, with her husband Eddie, their son Jeremy, and Willow the dog. 




Poem for my wedding day

Poem for my wedding day

Poem for my wedding day

Butterflies in my stomach,
Coffee in my hand.
Calm down in my spirit:
I know this is the man.

Bridesmaids all around me.
Sleek dress in champagne-white.
Dangly diamond earrings,
Lingerie for late tonight.

Putting on my makeup,
Slip into my dress.
Another ten long minutes…
I’m impatient, I confess.

Cameras in the corner,
Guests have settled in.
This is it! I’m getting married!
I take a step and walk toward him.

Deep anticipation,
All mystery and hope!
Beauty, glory, blessing,
Such kindness from my Lord.

And with a ring and vow,
A kiss of promised love;
We two become one flesh
And paint a picture of our God.