Twenty Seventeen


Ezekiel 16

I remember you before you were beautiful. Before you stopped people in their tracks and made jaws drop and heads turn. You, who are now

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person holding a green plant


This past year has been one of the hardest of my life. My hubby will say the same. We watched the bottom drop out from

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anonymous woman walking in refugee camp

In a world of refugees….

Today I sat with a friend from Romania whose family has suffered upheaval and persecution as far back as she can remember. Her heritage is

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close up shot of a person reading a bible


My life is a story of God being with me. I can point to time after time when He broke in on my darkness, when

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close up photo of coffee on table

Date at dawn

I penned this almost eight years ago in the midst of a desperate season, when I was hungry for the Word and a quiet space

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woman turning around on green fields
Bible study

I don’t have to scream anymore

They’d been running around in circles all morning, yelling, begging their god to answer them—to no avail. So they screamed louder. Louder and longer. And

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