Category: Stories

Category: Stories

people walking on the sidewalk near a brown building

Surprised by Oxford

I just spent an unforgettable week in Oxford, England, whisked away by the articulate pen of Carolyn Weber. It’s no easy task to hold my attention

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Because you’re 40 today

We met when we were gangly 8- and 9-year-old girls. Our small church and a mutual love for rollerskating were the only bonds we needed to

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anonymous woman walking in refugee camp

In a world of refugees….

Today I sat with a friend from Romania whose family has suffered upheaval and persecution as far back as she can remember. Her heritage is

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Bible study

The road to Compassion

If you’ve ever spent time around someone who thinks they know everything, you’ve got a pretty good picture of what I was like in my late

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Category: Stories

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