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My graphic designer is as much of a control freak as I am, which means she put together a one stop shop for you to download my media pack for your media team. Whether you’re referring people to my site (Thank you!) and want an accompanying image or you’re wanting an approved bio or headshot – it’s all there.

In the case that there is a format you need that’s not included, please feel free to reach out to her at Sarah@Robinson-Design.Co

Approved Bios

Bio Nugget

Colleen is an editor and the author of In the Hands of a Fiercely Tender God and the children’s book on suffering, Out of the Shadow World (to be released early 2023). She enjoys dark-dark chocolate, side-splitting laughter, and half-read books piled bedside. She makes her home near Boise, Idaho, with her husband Eddie, their son Jeremy, and Willow the dog.


Extended Bio

Longer bio here, not a novel just a bio that goes a bit more in depth that you’re okay with anyone who needs to using.

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